Table of Contents

  • --From Frontier Activism to Neo-Victorian Domesticity: Mormon Women in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Lawrence Foster, 3

  • --New Light on the Sun: Emma Smith and the New York Sun Letter

Linda K. Newell and Valeen T. Avery, 23

  • --One Man's Nauvoo: William Clayton's Experience in Mormon Illinois

James B. Allen, 37

  • --Alice Smith Edwards: The Little Princess

Nancy Hiles Ishikawa, 61

  • --Amasa Mason Lyman, the Spiritualist

Loretta L. Hefner, 75

  • --Welfare before Welfare: Twentieth Century LDS Church Charity before the Great Depression

Bruce D. Blumell, 89

  • --Winifred Graham and the Mormon Image

Malcolm R. Thorp, 107

  • --History's Sequel: A Source Essay on Women in Mormon History

Carol Cornwall Madsen and David J. Whittaker, 123

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