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Proceedings of the 9th International Workshop on Multipactor, Corona and Passive Intermodulation (MULCOPIM


ESA/ESTEC (Noordwijk - The Netherlands)

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Secondary Emission Yield (SEY) of dielectric materials is of great importance for prediction and testing of the Multipaction discharge in RF components for space applications. An atypical behavior of the SEY of coatings composed by a mixture of conductor and dielectric microparticles was reported and modeled in [1]; in this original model, the interactions between dielectric and conductor particles were not taken into account, but an effective action of the surface voltage generated within the sample was included. The aim of the present contribution is to more accurately model the effect the electric fields between dielectric and conductor particles have on secondary electrons emitted by the sample. One of the most prominent features of the coatings is their roughness, so a model is proposed here that takes into account both the roughness and the charging of the dielectric particles to explain the unusual charging behavior of these coatings.