Effect of the Addition of Waxes on the Crystallization Behavior of Anhydrous Milk Fat

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Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society




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Physicochemical characteristics of lipid-based foods depend, among other factors, on the microstructure and the characteristics of the lipid network formed during crystallization. The objective of this study, was to evaluate the effect of the addition of sunflower oil waxes on the crystallization and melting behavior of anhydrous milk fat (AMF), a lipid with a low content of palmitic and trans-fatty acids. The crystallization and melting behavior of AMF alone and with the addition of 0.25 and 0.5% of waxes was studied using a differential scanning calorimeter. The morphology of the crystallized samples was evaluated with a polarized light microscope. The addition of waxes induced and promoted the crystallization of AMF at high temperatures (>25 °C) as evidenced by lower induction times of crystallization and higher crystallization and melting enthalpies. In addition, smaller crystals and different morphologies were obtained when AMF was crystallized with the addition of waxes. These results suggest that waxes could be used as an additive to modify lipid networks and their physicochemical characteristics, such as texture, smoothness and mouthfeel.


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