Determination of Wax Concentration in Sunflower-seed Oil

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AOCS-OTAI International Conference and Exhibition on Oil Seed and Vegetable Oil Processing

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Isothermal crystallization of waxes was studied by using an optical setup. The induction time of crystallization was assessed as a function of wax concentration. The relationship was found to be a decreasing exponential curve. The wax content of some of the solutions prepared in the laboratory was determined by calculating the crystallization induction time. The values obtained were compared to those from different methods (cold test, microscopic, and turbidimetric methods). The results obtained with the optical setup method are similar to those obtained with other methods for concentrations greater than 100 ppm. An analysis of variance test was used to verify the authenticity of the values obtained with the optical method. Results showed that the method used to determine wax concentration, the concentration of the sample, and the relationship between both parameters do not affect significantly the values of percentage relative errors (P<0.05) obtained for concentrations greater than 100 ppm. Values obtained for wax content within the range 0–100 ppm could not be compared since the microscopic and turbidimetric methods are not sensitive enough, unlike the optical setup, to detect wax amounts in such low concentration.

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