Calcium and Calories: Contributions to Division 1 Collegiate Female Athletes' Diets – Preliminary Results

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Idaho Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics


Pocatello, ID

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It is important for female athletes to consume adequate calories and calcium to support bone health and to decrease risk for bone fracture. Universities provide foods via refueling stations, team dinners, etc. However, little research exists on the contribution of these foods on athletes’ overall intake. The current study is designed to assess the contribution university-provided foods make to the overall dietary intake of calories and calcium of Division 1 collegiate female athletes. Twenty five athletes are currently enrolled in the study. Participants are asked to complete 4 online dietary recalls (3 weekdays and 1 weekend day). Participants begin and end the study based on their individual training and travel schedules. Seven participants have completed all 4 dietary recalls. These athletes (n=7) report consuming an average of 2165 ± 871 kcals, and 1351 ± 724 mg of calcium daily. For the 5 athletes who reported consuming university-provided foods, these foods contributed to their total intake of calories and calcium (11 ± 6 % and 16 ± 9%, respectively). Of the 28 days reported, university-provided foods were consumed on 12 of those days. Mean calories and calcium intake were higher on days when university-provided foods were consumed (2592 ± 776 vs 1846 kcals, p=.022; and 1778 ± 845 vs 1149 ± 701, p=.041, respectively). These preliminary results suggest that university-provided foods improve the dietary intake of calories and calcium among collegiate female athletes.

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