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A cascade membrane filtration process including microfiltration (MF), ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) was used to fractionate skim milk into different streams. Significant quantities of lactose and minerals were removed to permeate after MF at 0.14 μm. Cheese milk, of similar casein content to the raw milk, was standardised simultaneously for casein, lactose, ash and total calcium from the membrane streams without requiring CaCl2 and lactose addition. Serum protein depleted cheese milk of typical casein content had similar rennet coagulability, cheese composition, texture and yield to the control; milk of 1.5 × casein content had a faster coagulation rate and resulted in cheese of lower moisture content. On a dry matter basis, the serum protein content of MF permeate concentrated by UF was significantly higher than that in cheese whey (51.54% versus 5.63–9.45%), with significantly lower contents of ash (0.95% versus 7.11–7.53%) and lactose (9.50% versus 61.98–70.35%).



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