Camp W.G. Williams, commonly known as Camp Williams is a National Guard training site operated by the Utah National Guard. The land comprises about 6 square miles of flat area and 47 square miles of mountainous region. Camp Williams has approximately 8 acres of water bodies. 

At Camp Williams stewardship of the natural environment and training lands is a top priority.  This involves balancing present training needs and long-term training site sustainability within the requirements of public land laws. It is in the best interest of the Army to conserve its training lands.  The lands the Army manages are growing effectively smaller as residential neighbors surround formerly rural facilities and as public scrutiny increases, as installations are closed under Base Realignment and Closure, and the Army will not be getting new lands soon.  Conservation at Camp Williams is complemented by its sister facility at Dugway Proving Ground. 

This collection of literature addresses the Utah National Guards efforts related to the conservation and preservation projects, especially those projects carried out with Utah State University.