Natural Resources and Environmental Issues (NREI) is dedicated to publishing material of the highest scholarly interest, and to this end we have often invited distinguished members of academics to lead in the editing process. We have included articles from established and engaging societies as well as prominent natural resources experts. However, we have also provided a supportive environment to those non-academic organizations wishing to publish their best work. Publication in NREI is by invitation only.
Volume #                 Editor(s)
0                             Allen Rasmussen
1                             Allen Rasmussen
                               James Dobrowolski
2                             Allan Falconer
3                             Joanna Endter-Wada
                               Robert J. Lilieholm
4                             Neil E. West
5                             Frederic H. Wagner
7                             Carla G. Heister
8                             William C. Pitt
9                             Gary B. Blank
10                           Robert H. Schmidt
                               T.Adam Switalski
                               Trey Simmons
                               Shiree L. Duncan
                               Andreas S. Chavez
11                           Joint Council of Extension Professionals
12                           Thomas E. Kolb
14                           Patsy Palacios
                               Chris Luecke
                               Justin Robinson
15                           Aharon Oren
                               David Naftz
                               Patsy Palacios
                               Wayne A. Wurtsbaugh