Marilyn Bischoff: A Step-by-Step Approach to Basic Financial Management. Christine Corl: Website Rearing--It Takes a Whole Village! Phyllis Dennee: Food Safety Protocol for Extension Nutrition Assistants. Laurel L. Kubin: Make Financial Education Fun and Effective through Activities Geared to Multiple Intelligences. Barbara A. Middleton: The Chamber of Secrets--Opened Again! Robbie Ortega: A New Interactive Curriculum Teaching Agricultural Tractor and Machinery Safety. Judith A. Rice: Civil Air Patrol Educational Initiatives. Catrinel E. Stanciu: A Multi-State Web-Based Designed Certification Program for Nutrition Educators. Mitzi Stumpf: Purposeful Inclusion: North Carolina's New Differently Abled Curriculum Program Update. Dena Wise: Facilitating Adult Learning.