Elizabeth Andress: Partnerships Produce a National Center for Home Food Preservation. Diana Friedman: National 4-H Healthy Lifestyles Grant. H. Wallace Goddard: Big Surprises on the Road to Happiness. Nancy Kershaw: Connecting the 4-H Clothing Project and Community. Jane A. Landis: NEAFCS Living Well Public Service Campaign. Rhea Lanting: The Healthy Diabetes Plate. Phyllis B. Lewis: Product Look-Alikes. Anna Martin: Raising Diabetes Awareness in Latino Communities. Earl Mcalexander: Youth Fire and Emergency Services Days. Marian Ross: Taking a Fall Out of Your Future. Joanne Roueche: Getting the Most Out of Your Service Learning Projects. Radonna Sawatzky: Quick and Easy Cooking Schools. Vernon Waldren: Living Safely with Lead. Rachel West: Care for Kids Day. Marjorie Wolford: Women’s Health Month Program.