Marc Weston


To study the Little Bear River’s physical characteristics in the context of the serial discontinuity concept, sites were sampled along a continuum from the headwaters to 51 km downstream, near where the Little Bear River flows into Cutler Reservoir. Samples were collected in September 2012 at base flow. To estimate sediment sizes along the transect pebble counts were conducted at six sites and where possible pebble counts were done in both pools and riffles. Sediment sizes showed a decrease in median size (D50 ) of 45 mm at the upper station to the lower station where the substrate was a mixture of sand and silt. An elevation gradient profile measured with ArcGIS demonstrated a significant positive correlation between elevation and substrate size. Sinuosity was measured using ArcGIS and showed an increasing trend from the upper reaches to the lower reaches, but the lower valley agricultural areas had remnants of levees, indicating that the river was not following its natural channel.