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Introduction to the sustainable forestry virtual tour


The Sustainable Forestry Partnership (SFP) began in 1995 as a diverse group of faculty from Oregon State University. With initial support from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and later other foundations and governmental support, SFP grew to include faculty and staff at Auburn University School of Forestry & Wildlife Sciences, Oregon State University College of Forestry, the Pennsylvania State University School of Forest Resources and the United States Department of Agriculture Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (USDA CSREES). SFP has demonstration of sustainable forestry practices as one of its five principal programmatic foci. Working toward this effort, in January 2001 the Forestry Media Center at Oregon State University initiated development on a World-Wide-Web-based “sustainable forestry virtual tour.” When complete, the Web site will link sustainable forestry tours in Oregon, Alabama, and Pennsylvania. Currently, the Sustainable Forestry Virtual Tour prototype represents only Oregon; it is the prototype "virtual demonstration." We used the latest in Web site technology to develop the "virtual" electronic tour of a western Oregon forest. With the addition of video clips, panoramic photos, and interactive images, we attempted to bring the forest to the computer user. Our Web site content focuses on local forest management while applying the Montreal Process Criteria and Indicators for sustainable forestry in temperate forests. This presentation will briefly explore the Web site content and structure; it will be the foundation for a follow-up discussion entitled, “Comparing the Effectiveness of Virtual and Traditional Forestry Field Tours.”

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