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Geologic faults are a result of rock structures that have given away to tectonic compression, extension, or lateral tension. Because of a fault’s propensity to slip and cause earthquakes, they are of major concern to any populated area near by. The Wasatch Fault is a result of extensional stress that runs the entire length of Utah from north the south. It has been analyzed and broken up into several segments. By stratigraphic analysis, scientists have been able to estimate when each of these segments has last experienced a rupture. Out of all the segments that make up the Wasatch Fault, the Brigham City segment has not experienced movement for the longest period of time. Scientists have estimated that this segment will be the next segment to slip and cause an earthquake.This fault segment is of great interest to the surrounding scientific population. It is the goal of this experiment to successfully image the fault using Electrical Resistivity Tomography.

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