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The intent of this project was to create and launch a high altitude balloon flight for the continued research of the Utah State University CubeSat project. The High Altitude Payload for CubeSat Aeroboom Development (HAPCAD) is a direct support research project for the Get Away Special Passive Attitude Control Satellite (GASPACS). HAPCAD validated the aeroboom design and deployment mechanism by deploying an aeroboom in a near space environment. It was essential for the GASPACS payload to deploy in an environmental pressure lower than the internal aeroboom pressure for experimental success; this pressure is approximately 100 torr. The most effective time to deploy the aeroboom was determined to be 75,000 feet. A successful deployment was recorded on August 1, 2015, at approximately 36,000 feet. Due to a slow ascent rate, the aeroboom deployed at a low altitude and did not inflate. However, the mission still obtained an automated successful aeroboom deployment. Follow up experiments will be scheduled once testing on a new aeroboom system is complete.

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