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The USU Get Away Special (GAS) Team is creating a self-­‐stabilizing CubeSat through the utilization of a deploying boom and panel combination. Commercially available CubeSat frame cannot accommodate any deployable panels and have no space to fit a packed boom. Therefore a custom frame needed to be designed from the ground up to meet the mission needs while still conforming to the designated specifications produced by Cal Poly. The frame needs to be a 10 cm cube, hold together during liftoff, and not melt the avionics boards within the satellite. Several models were designed and tested through the use of computer programs. First, SolidWorks® was used to develop a solid model. Then, the geometry was imported into FEMAP® where the vibrational characteristics were tested. No 3 erroneous behavior was observed, thus clearing the model for the last test. The last test was the thermal behavior of the satellite. The geometry was loaded into COMSOL® and tested to see if it reached too high of temperatures. The hottest the boards ever reached was 62 degrees Celsius, which is within their survivable range (Wertz, 2011). The frame numerically clears all requirements and the physical prototyping and testing can proceed.

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