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Charge Particle-Induced Secondary and Backscattered Electron Emission from Insulators

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Conference Paper

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Bulletin of the American Physical Society



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In previous studies of insulators, serious discrepancies have been reported for the electron and ion-induced electron emission properties. Making such measurements is difficult since insulators can charge under particle beam bombardment. We present work undertaken by our group to make consistent and accurate measurements of the electron and ion-induced yields for numerous insulators using innovative instrumentation involving a multiple sample carousel and compact charge neutralization electron guns. Our findings on the electron emission properties for several insulator thin films will also be presented. These studies have diverse applications and are particularly important in overcoming difficulties of material characterization measurements such as AES and SEM on insulators. Also, the higher charged particle-induced electron yields of insulators, as compared to conductor materials, make them promising materials for improved ion/electron detectors. This work is supported through funding from the NASA Space Environments and Effects Program and the NASA Graduate Research Fellowship Program.


Bull. Am. Phys. Soc. 47(1) Part 1, 452 (2002). APS March Meeting, Indianapolis, IN March 19, 2002.