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10th Spacecraft Charging and Technology Conference

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This study presents electron-induced electron yield measurements from high-resistivity, high-yield materials to validate a model for the yield of uncharged insulators. These measurements are accomplished by using a low-fluence, pulsed incident electron beam and charge neutralization to minimize charge accumulation. Our measurements show large changes in total yield curves and yield decay curves, even for incident electron fluences of/mm2. We model the evolution of the yield as charge accumulates in the material in terms of electron re-capture based on the extended Chung-Everhart model of the electron emission spectrum. This model is used to explain anomalies measured in high yield ceramics, and to provide a method for determining the uncharged yield in highly insulating, high yield materials. Relevance of these results to spacecraft charging will also be discussed.


Presented at the 10th Spacecraft Charging and Technology Conference. PDF available for download through link above.

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