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Investigating OH and O2 Mesospheric Temperature Variability at Low Latitudes Over Maui, Hawaii

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Maui-MALT is jointly funded research program supported by the NSF and the Air Force Office Scientific Research (AFOSR) to investigate the dynamics and chemistry of the middle atmosphere at low/equatorial latitudes in unprecedented detail. The program capitalizes on the high quality observing conditions and the excellent facilities available at the AMOS facility at the summit of Haleakala Crater, Maui, Hawaii (20.8°N, 156.2°W).

As part of this program the USU - Mesospheric Temperature Mapper (MTM) has operated at Maui since October 2001. Over 270 nights of quality data have been obtained to date, permitting a novel study on the mesospheric OH and O2 temperatures. These include seasonal variations, monthly averaged nocturnal variations, an inter-annual comparison of monthly mean temperature variations, and possible planetary wave signatures.


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