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A Seasonal Investigation of Short Period Gravity Waves Over Hawaii

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The Utah State University CEDAR Mesospheric Temperature Mapper (MTM) is a sensitive CCD Imager Currently operating at the US Air Force AMOS facility at the summit of Haleakala Crater, Maui, HI (20.8°N, 156°W) as part of the NSF/AFOSR Maui-MALT program.

The MTM measures two naturally occurring night-sky emissions: the near infrared OH(6, 2) Meinel and O2(0, 1) atmospheric band that are centered at mean altitudes ~87 and 94 km respectively. Each emission layer is ~ 8-10 km thick and these data provide a simple method of remote sensing gravity (buoyancy) wave propagation in the upper atmospheric region (80-100 km).


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