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Intra-Annual Comparison of Mesospheric Gravity Waves Over Halley and Rothera Stations, Antarctica

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As part of a collaborative program between British Antarctic Survey and Utah State University, an all-sky CCE airglow imager has been operated at either Halley Station (76°S, 27°W) on the Brunt Ice Shelf, or Rothera Station (68°S, 68°W), situate d on the Antarctic Peninsula since 2000. This study comprised the first detailed winer seasonal investigation of short-period mesospheric gravity waves at high-Antarctic latitudes. The primary goals were to:

  • Determine the climatology of short period (<1 hour) gravity waves at high Antarctic latitudes.
  • Compare high-latitude gravity wave morphology and dynamics.
  • Investigate the nature of the observed gravity waves (vertically propagating or ducted).

To date, a total of six austral winter seasons have been analyzed (2000-2006) enabling a novel investigation of inter-annual variability in wave occurrence an properties. In this study we have analyzed the spatial and temporal properties of extensive wave events observed in the NIR OH emission (altitude ~87 km) obtained during this extended period. In this poster we present example wave data and seasonal summaries of their properties. at both observing sites focusing on wave anisotropy and the strong year to year consistency.


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