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Investigating Short-Term Variability of Mesospheric Gravity Waves Over Antarctica

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CEDAR 2019 Workshop


Santa Fe, NM

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Short-period (<1 >hr) atmospheric gravity waves (GWs) are known to transport large amounts of the energy and momentum into the Upper Mesosphere Lower Thermosphere region (MLT ~80-100 km). Atmospheric Imaging Lab (AIL) at Utah State University (USU) uses selected OH emissions lines (~87 km) to quantify the temperature amplitudes of these waves.

The ANtarctic Gravity Wave Instrument Network (ANGWIN) is an international collaboration program geared to studying the properties and dynamics of trans-Antarctic gravity waves in the MLT region. As part of this collaboration, a 3D-FFT technique originally developed to analyze all-sky airglow imagers at NIPR, Japan,, has recently bee adapted to analyze GW temperature maps obtained by the USU Advanced Mesospheric Temperature Mapper (AMTM). This poster presents an initial spectral analysis of OH GW temperature maps over McMurdo station, Antarctica.

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