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The ANGWIN Antarctic Research Program: First Results on Coordinated Trans-Antarctic Gravity Wave Measurements

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American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2014


San Francisco, CA

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Summary: Gravity Waves Around Antarctica

Results of first comparative measurements of short-period (< 1hr) gravity waves around and within Antarctica (winter seasons 2011-2012). The wave characteristics from all stations around the coast, and at South Pole are essentially indistinguishable, despite the large site separations.

In contrast, the dominant direction of motions of the waves at each site appear to be quite different, as depicted in the Antarctic wave map (left) which plots the number of gravity waves at each site vs. their observed direction of motion (in 30° bins). These results are investigated further in the Wave Propagation Section (see Pugmire et al., poster, SA31B-4098).

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