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Seasonal Investigations of Variance in Mesospheric Wave Structures at Low Latitudes Observed Over Maui-Hawaii

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As part of the Maui-MALT collaborative research program the Utah State University CEDAR Mesospheric Temperature Mapper (MTM) has been operated near continuously at Maui since November 2001. Over 1000 nights of high quality (> 4 hours) data on mesospheric temperature using the near infra red OH and O2 emission layers (centered at 87 and 94 km respectively) have been obtained over the past four years. In this study we have analyzed data from 2003 and 2004 (total nights 277 and 215 respectively) to perform an initial investigation of the variance in the OH and O2 signal. This was performed by spectrally filtering the zenith temperature data into selected frequency bands. Here we compare OH and O2 results on a nightly, monthly and yearly basis focusing on short period (12 min-1 hour) gravity waves. This is a novel data analysis applied to the CEDAR MTM data set to investigate seasonal variability in the temperature variance induced primarily by gravity waves.


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