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Observations of Mesopause Region Bores in OH and O2 Airglow Emissions Over Maui, Hawaii

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Using the USU Mesospheric Temperature Mapper (MTM) image data the properties of sharp, front-like wave events were investigated simultaneously in the OH and O2, airglow emissions over Maui, Hawaii, during 2003-2004. Typical average wave parameters are horizontal wavelength of ~20 km, phase speed of ~46 m/s and observed period of ~7 min. Here we present results on three bore-like wave events, and compare their observed and intrinsic properties with theoretical predictions. The co-located UIUC meteor radar wind and Na lidar wind/temperature measurements show that one event propagated in a Doppler duct created by variations in the background wind and other two events propagated in thermal ducts created by mesospheric temperature inversion layers.


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