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Mid-Latitude Measurements of Mesospheric Bore Events and Their Association With Temperature Inversion Layers

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AGU Fall 2006 Meeting

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All-sky measurements of mesospheric gravity waves in the near infrared OH, O2(0,1) and the visible Ol(557.7 nm) nightglow emissions have been made from Bear Lake Observatory (BLO), Utah (41.6° N, 111.6° W) as part of a collaborative program with the NASA TIMED satellite. The image data were obtained over a 1-year period (2002) and have been used to investigate the occurrence and properties of undular mesospheric bore events, which are usually characterized by a sharp leading front followed by a coherent short-period wave train that grows with time. This poster describes the differing properties of over 50 bore-like events observed near simultaneously in the three nightglow emissions, and their association with mesospheric temperature inversion layers as detected by the SABER instrument onboard the TIMED satellite.

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