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Simultaneous Observations of Equatorial Ionospheric Plasma Bubbles From Two Sites During the SpreadFEx Campaign

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The development of plasma irregularities in the equatorial F region during the night time can significantly affect low-latitude communications and navigation systems. The morphology, structure, and dynamics of equatorial plasma irregularities have been extensively studied for several decades by using different techniques (e.g. Woodman and LaHoz, 1976; Weber et al., 1978; Mendillio, 1982; Fejer and Kelley, 1980; Taylor et al., 1997; Sobral et al., 2002; Kudeki et al., 2007). The variability in the occurrence of plasma bubbles and their intensity constituent an important components of the space weather conditions of the equatorial ionosphere. The plasma depletion zonal velocity is a key parameter for the understanding and modeling of the electrodynamics of the equatorial ionosphere and for the predictions of ionospheric scintillations (ESF).


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