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Large Gravity Waves Forcing in Mesopause Region Above Northern Hemisphere Mid-Latitude During Autumnal Equiox: A Joint Study by a Na Lidar and Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model

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To investigate the Gravity Wave (GW) forcing in the mesopause region above mid-latitude of Northern Hemisphere, 433 hours of multi-day continuously full diurnal cycle temperature measurements from a Na Doppler/Temperature lidar at Utah State University (42°N, 112°W) in September of year 2011-2015 are utilized to derive the temperature variance and the potential energy density (PED). A new two-step tidal removal algorithm is developed to distill the GW perturbations from the hourly lidar temperature measurements. It avoids the biases from potential tidal period inertia GWs and, thus, provides the most accurate GW perturbations and background temperature information. This algorithm is evaluated by its application on the most recent high resolution simulations results from Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model (WACCM). The results are very similar to those derived from the spatial zonal wavenumber removal algorithm, which removes contributions from the components with zonal wavenumber less than 6 from WACCM data, indicating a new algorithm.


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