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Ionospheric and Thermospheric Studies: Proceedings of the Topical Meetings of the Cospar Interdisciplinary Scientific Commission P (meeting P2) and C (meetings C4 and C8) of the Cospar Twenty-Eighth Plenary Meeting Held in the Hague, the Netherlands, 25 June-6 July 1990.


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Topics discussed include equatorial electrojet and related phenomena, global ionosphere/thermosphere coupling and dynamics, and numerical modeling in the thermosphere and ionosphere. Papers are presented on critical problems of equatorial electrojet, the enigma of the counterequatorial electrojet and lunar tidal influences in the equatorial region, modeling the response of the thermosphere/ionosphere system to time-dependent forcing, numerical simulations of propagating tides in the thermosphere, and seasonal and longitudinal effects on plasmaspheric tube content. Attention is also given to the effects of magnetic storm phases on F-layer irregularities, the measurements of chirped natural plasma lines with EISCAT, an investigation of two different electron heating events in the ionospheric F-layer, tweek propagation peculiarities in the earth-ionosphere waveguide and low ionosphere parameters, and a numerical simulation of coupling processes between the mid-latitude ionosphere and the plasmasphere.


COSPAR. Plenary Meeting (28th : 1990 : The Hague, Netherlands)

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