Protections 2020 was the fourth international seminar on dam protections against overtopping. Overtopping is when the water in a dam, levee, dike, or spillway flows over the top of the embankment and floods the area. At this conference, experts in the research and development of dams gathered together to share knowledge about overtopping and how to prevent it. Some of the overtopping topics that were discussed include case studies, testing facilities, protection systems, failure mechanisms, and innovative solutions.

Protections 2020 occurred on November 11–13, 2020, in Madrid, Spain. This conference was supported through the efforts of groups like the European Club (EURCOLD), the International Committee on Large Dams (ICOLD), and the European Working Group on Overflowing and Overtopping Erosion (EWGOOE). The many papers and presentations that came from this conference can help those who design and build dams to better understand how they work and how to prevent overtopping.