Resilient Pedagogy


Travis N. Thurston, Utah State UniversityFollow
Kacy Lundstrom, Utah State UniversityFollow
Christopher González, Utah State UniversityFollow
Jesse Stommel, University of Mary WashingtonFollow
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Travis N. Thurston, Kacy Lundstrom, and Christopher González


Utah State University

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Resilient Pedagogy offers a comprehensive collection on the topics and issues surrounding resilient pedagogy framed in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the social justice movements that have swept the globe. As a collection, Resilient Pedagogy is a multi-disciplinary and multi-perspective response to actions taken in different classrooms, across different institution types, and from individuals in different institutional roles with the purpose of allowing readers to explore the topics to improve their own teaching practice and support their own students through distance, disruption, and distraction.


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