Resilient Pedagogy

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Travis N. Thurston, Kacy Lundstrom, and Christopher González


Utah State University

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The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted universities across the globe in unprecedented ways, requiring many teaching faculty to reexamine and transform approaches to pedagogy. As higher-education institutions have grappled with various methods of hybrid and remote delivery in an effort to best preserve student instruction through the pandemic, most have fervently looked ahead for a more satisfying “new normal.” Yet this moment of unease and transformation is one of critical opportunity for universities and their teaching faculty. Educators are seeing in vivid form how an unexpected “threat”—in this case, a global health challenge—can profoundly disrupt pedagogy, and the immense adaptive innovation necessary to preserve universities’ most important functions through a sustained period of difficulty. Equally important are lessons concerning the varying degrees of success experienced between institutions based on different levels of proactive planning and the quality of resilience-building strategies.


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