Research on Capitol Hill

Presenter and Co-Presenter(s)

Matthew J. Barnett, Utah State University

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Douglas Jackson-Smith, Dr. Melissa Haeffner


  • Research has shown that the processes which drive the way that people experience and perceive the environment around them are complex and dynamic. This extends to the perceptions that people have regarding environmental and natural resource concerns.
  • Outdoor recreational activity allows for people to have varying types of tactile experience with bodies of water, as well as providing a social space in which distinct subcultures may develop. This study explores the possibility that recreation specialization, or type and frequency of water-based activities may influence the perceptions of Utahns regarding water quality.
  • Investigating the ways in which social processes intersect and interact with environmental and natural resource issues can be useful. It adds to a body of knowledge that may be used to facilitate better education, smarter public policy and decision-making and more sensible management practices.

Journal/Book Title/Conference

Research On Capitol Hill 2016

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Sociology Commons



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