Research on Capitol Hill

Presenter and Co-Presenter(s)

Boston Swan, Utah State UniversityFollow


College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences


Plants, Soils, and Climate Department

Faculty Mentor

Bruce Bugbee


Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) facilitate research into the effects of light quality and quantity because of their narrow band wavelength and the ability to control the quantity of light output.

•Light Quantity: Light intensity, measured as µmols m2s-1 •Light Quality: Light wavelength, measured as nm, indicates light color.

In some crops, decreasing blue light (400-500 nm) has been shown to increase growth. For this research, I studied four crops; kale, lettuce, tomato and cucumber. These crops were chosen because of commercial interest in light sensitivity.

The system included 16 chambers with eight unique spectral outputs (Table 1).

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