The Spring Runoff Conference is held each Spring at Utah State University. Utah State University supports a broad community of Students and Faculty engaged in Water Education, Research and Outreach and the USU Water Initiative fosters interdisciplinary collaboration and collegial sharing of ideas within this community. The Spring Runoff Conference, so named because it is held at the end of winter and in anticipation of spring’s runoff season – a time of anticipation and excitement in hydrology, provides an opportunity for the sharing of ideas and scholarly on all aspects of water science, ecology, policy, engineering, and management.

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2017: Spring Runoff Conference
2016: Spring Runoff Conference
2015: Spring Runoff Conference
2014: Spring Runoff Conference
2013: Water, People and Sustainability: Integrating Physical, Social and Ecological Dimensions
2012: Multidisciplinary water science: linking social, physical, computational and ecological approaches to sustainable water resources
2011: Water, Climate, and Sustainability of our Changing World
2010: Adaptive Water Management in a Changing Climate
2009: Climate Change and the Intermountain West: Downscaling the Future
2008: Water Science and Water Management in a Water-Short West
2007: Water Science and Water Management in a Water-Short West
2006: The Great Salt Lake Basin: Science, Ecology, Management, Policy
2004: Managing Water Resources, Quantity and Quality