SDL is a nonprofit research corporation and a unit of the Utah State University Research Foundation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Utah State University.

SDL is one of 14 University Affiliated Research Centers (UARCs) in the nation. As a trusted Government partner, SDL translates the Government's or Principal Investigator's vision into an executable program to ensure end-mission success at the mission, system, and component level. We help define the requirements, design the architecture, develop and test prototypes, and demonstrate that performance meets the program requirements and objectives.

Mission: To advance scientific and defense objectives by researching, developing and characterizing sensor, electronic, and software systems; providing program lifecycle support; and enhancing the education and development of scientists and engineers.

Core Areas of Expertise:

  • Ground Stations
  • Networking & Data Assurance
  • Satellite Technologies
  • Science & Engineering
  • Sensor Systems
  • Testing & Calibration
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