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Seventh International Conference on Information Technology: New Generations, Las Vegas, April 12-14

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This paper presents a socially inspired dynamic emergent routing algorithm for ad-hoc sensor networks called DESIRE (Dynamic Emergent Socially Inspired Routing Enabler}. The network is composed of nodes with no goelocating capabilities, and unif01mly spatially distributed over a rectangular area. It consists of two types of nodes - (i) large number of sensor nodes with relatively limited storage, power. and radio range, and (ii) the relatively sparse transmitter nodes with higher storage. power. and radio communication range. A sensor node is responsible for sensing the environment in its immediate vicinity A transmitter node collects data from a set of sensor nodes and transmits this inf01mation to a collector station. The network is assumed to be autonomous with no centralized control. This paper proposes an algorthm that dynamically constructs the network communication topology based on available resources through emergent properties resulting from local imer-node communication The mechanism is analogous to emergence of social structures in human communities through primarily short-range local communication among community members.