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IEEE International Conference on Technologies for Homeland Security, Waltham, MA

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The Cyber Scenario Modeling and Reporting Tool (CyberSMARTrM) is a Web-based, scalable, collaborative tool developed under the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology (DHS S&T) directorate that enables a cyber exercise planning team to research, organize, enter, and edit critical exercise background information. It is built specifically to address some ofthe unique challenges that are encountered in the design and execution of exercises containing major cyber elements. It allows the exercise planning team to develop and validate scenario elements to ensure that they are logical, that they do not conflict with each other, and that they meet the specific objectives of each exercise. The CyberSMARTrM Exercise Execution Engine (EEE) provides exercise conduct teams with a mechanism for delivering individual injects from the master scenario events list (MSEL) to exercise participants. It creates an immersive environment in which participants can build situational awareness based on indicators and warnings extracted from the scenario events. Participants provide responses to threats as they are identified. Responses are based upon organizational strategies and can be analyzed in after action review.