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Saturday, September 19th
10:44 AM

Ultraviolet Three Axis Attitude Sensor

James Billing-Ross, Honeywell Satellite Systems Operations
Teresa Fritz, Honeywell Systems & Research Center
Douglas Pledger, Honeywell Systems & Research Center

10:44 AM

Sunday, September 20th
10:29 AM

The Development of a Small Satellite Attitude Control Simulator

Rees Fullmer, Utah State University
Glen Peterson, Utah State University
Walter Holmans, Utah State University
Jay Smith, Utah State University
Jim Nottingham, Utah State University
Shaun Anderson, Utah State University
Tanya Olsen, Utah State University
Frank Redd, Utah State University

10:29 AM

Monday, September 21st
10:14 AM

The Effects of Momentum Bias on a Gravity Gradient Stabilized Spacecraft with Active Magnetic Control

Parimal Pal, ITHACO, Inc.
Stephen Fox, ITHACO, Inc.

10:14 AM

Tuesday, September 22nd
10:00 AM

Attitude Determination by Image Processing Algorithms

Hans Konigsmann, ZARM, University of Bremen
Hans Rath, ZARM, University of Bremen
Hartmut Renken, ZARM, University of Bremen

10:00 AM

Wednesday, September 23rd
9:45 AM

Magnetic and Momentum Bias Attitude Control Design for the HETE Small Satellite

Daniel Chang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

9:45 AM