During the past eleven years, Small Satellites have grown from concept to reality, from an idea to a fully mature industry. The Annual AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites has also grown as it has documented the development of this vital, exciting enterprise. The descriptor “small” has been subdivided into mini, nano, and pico as the concept has been expanded and technology further miniaturized. Indeed, it seems as if all satellites are small these days, it’s only a question of how small. The thrust of this year’s 12th Annual Conference is to examine the future of the so-called “Next Generation” of small satellite buses, instruments, and technologies.

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Technical Session I: Advanced Component Developments
Technical Session II: Advanced Operations Concepts
Technical Session III: New Approaches to Space Launch
Technical Session IV: New Hardware in Space
Technical Session V: New Spacecraft Bus Concepts
Technical Session VI: New Mission Concepts
Technical Session VII: University Student Competition
Technical Session VIII: Advanced Subsystem Developments
Technical Session IX: Advances in Attitude Control Subsystems
Technical Session X: Program Management
Technical Session XI: Advanced Sensors and Instruments
Technical Session XII: Smart Mission Design and Risk Mitigation
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