In just over a decade, smallsats have transitioned from one-of-a-kind, Special-Purpose Inexpensive Satellites (SPINSATs) to operational constellations. In this “baker’s dozen” edition of the AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites it is beneficial to survey the commercial, military, and scientific applications of smaller satellites in constellations and assess their impact on the character of modern space systems. Building, launching, and operating such constellations raises new challenges beyond those of single platform missions. The Conference will focus on the technical issues and new opportunities that result from and ever-growing trend toward programs with dozens or hundreds of satellites.

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Technical Session I: New Hardware in Space
Technical Session IIa: Management, Manufacturing, and Risk Mitigation
Technical Session IIb: Advanced Operations Concept Systems
Technical Session III: Military Uses of Small Satellites in Distributed Systems
Technical Session IV: Commerical Communications and Remote Sensing
Technical Session V: Constellations for Scientific and Global Change Research
Technical Session VI: Formation Flying and Large Scale Interferometry
Technical Session VII: New Mission or Bus Concepts
Technical Session VIII: University Student Scholarship Competition
Technical Session IX: New Mission or Bus Concepts
Technical Session X: New Approaches to Space Launch
Technical Session XI: Advanced Subsystem or Component Developments I
Technical Session XII: Advanced Subsystem or Component Developments II
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