The theme for the 14th Annual AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites is “Small Satellites in Triumph and Tribulation: A Year of Paradoxes.” Few would argue that small satellites have joined their larger cousins as authentic members of the space community. Still, their entry in the marketplace seems full of paradoxes. The euphoria surrounding the successful deployment of LEO constellations is contradicted by the disappointing failures of two Mars missions. Clever schemes for the successful mass production of small satellites are contrasted with the failures of one-of-a-kind science spacecraft. Within these contradictions, questions abound about the validity of “Faster, Better, Cheaper” concepts, and similar paradigms born in the age of small satellites. Is it time for a hard look?

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Technical Session I: Existing Missions - Status
Technical Session II: Future Missions - Concepts
Technical Session III: Advanced Sensor Concepts
Technical Session IV: Cost, Schedule, Quality, Risk
Technical Session V: Lessons Learned - In Success and Failure
Technical Session VI: Enabling New Technologies and Methods I
Technical Session VII: Student Competition
Technical Session VIII: Advanced Subsystems and Components I
Technical Session IX: Advanced Operations Concepts
Technical Session X: Enabling New Technologies and Methods II
Technical Session XI: Advanced Subsystems and Components II
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