Small Satellites and systems have assumed significant roles in the world’s space marketplace. Once thought of as only the toys of experimenters, small satellites now find themselves solidly entrenched in the mainstream of space applications. Traditionally utilized for Low-Earth orbit (LEO) missions, small satellites are now involved in geostationary (GEO) and planetary mission applications. Once denigrated by the defense community, small satellites are now considered an essential component of the future force structure. With wider acceptance of their value and growing dependence on their capability, how long will it be before the first “personal” smallsat is launched? The Fifteenth Annual AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites will give the assembled smallsat community a chance to reflect upon the remarkable progress of small satellites form concept to reality as they share experiences, ponder new directions, and discuss the implications of emerging technologies upon the future.

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Technical Session I: National Needs & Objectives
Technical Session II: Commercial Applications
Technical Session III: Science & Exploration
Technical Session IV: Bold New Missions Using Cutting Edge Technologies
Technical Session V: Existing Missions - What's Flying
Technical Session VI: Advanced Technologies, Subsystems, Components & Sensors I
Technical Session VII: 9th Annual Student Scholarship Competition
Technical Session VIIIa: Innovative Mission Operations Concepts
Technical Session VIIIb: CubeSat Missions
Technical Session IX: Advanced Technologies, Subsystems, Components & Sensors II
Technical Session X: Delivery Systems
Technical Session XI: Orbital Maneuvering
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