The existence of small satellites enables space systems architectures to address problems that were either technically impossible or too expensive to tackle before. Traditionally satellites have been built and deployed through long development cycles as individual nodes that provide stand-alone capability for their military, scientific or commercial users. In contrast, small satellites are increasingly being viewed as elements enabling new mission capabilities through constellations or through rapid development/deployment cycles. Once tagged with the reputation of being unobtainable and promising capabilities in conflict with the laws of physics or business, small satellites are increasingly being proposed as enablers of these new systems. Are small satellites the hypothetical element “Existium (Ex)” or its opposite “Unobtainum (Un)” for these new concepts? The 23rd Annual AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites will focus on the expanding applications of small satellites and their developing technologies.

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2009 Exhibitor Descriptions
Technical Session I: New Elements
Technical Session II: Liquid to Gas
Technical Session III: Mission Payloads
Technical Session IV: Recent and Future Missions
Technical Session V: Advanced Technologies 1
Technical Session VI: Advanced Technologies 2
Technical Session VII: Spacecraft Systems
Technical Session VIII: Student Competition
Technical Session IX: From Earth to Orbit
Technical Session X: The Smaller Elements
Technical Session XI: Advanced Technologies 3
Technical Session XII: The Next Generation
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