A roundtable discussion on the technology needs (pull) of the small satellite sector in the coming decade. Specific emphasis will be placed on both bus and payload related technologies that are enabling of missions across a broad spectrum of uses, i.e., game changing. Panelists will be asked to emphasize technologies that provide a quantum improvement in the performance to cost trade-off and especially those that are achievable in the near term (<5 years). The panel will be interactive with the audience so as to permit joint discussion of the best means by which to pursue R&D, technology insertion, operational experimentation, and other opportunities to develop these game changing technologies.

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Tuesday, August 9th
2:45 PM

Panel Discussion

Pete Klupar Mr., Director of Engineering NASA Ames Research Center
Peter Wegner Dr., Director Operationally Responsive Space Office
John Paffett Dr., Chief Executive Officer Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd.

2:45 PM