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Monday, August 6th
9:45 AM

Comparative Assessment of Recent Earth Observation Smallsat Missions and Strategy

Carolyn Belle, Northern Sky Research
Dallas Kasaboski, Northern Sky Research
Claude Rousseau, Northern Sky Research

9:45 AM

First Flight of the Sprite: On-Orbit Demonstration of the World's Smallest Satellites

Zachary Manchester, Stanford University

9:45 AM

Investigation into New Ground Based Communications Service Offerings in Response to SmallSat Trends

Scott Schaire, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Serhat Altunc, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Yen Wong, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Obadiah Kegege, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Marta Shelton, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
George Bussey, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Marcus Murbach, NASA Ames Research Center
Howard Garon, ASRC Federal Space and Defense

9:45 AM

New Solar Array Technology Provides 25% More Power, First Flight Confirms Advantages

Bryan Helgesen, Sierra Nevada Corporation
Brian Anthony, Sierra Nevada Corporation

9:45 AM

Qualification and Flight Acceptance Testing of a Groundbreaking CubeSat Ion Propulsion System

Michael Tsay, Busek Company Incorporated
John Frongillo, Busek Company Incorporated
Joshua Model, Busek Company Incorporated
Carl Barcroft, Busek Company Incorporated
Charlie Feng, Busek Company Incorporated

9:45 AM

The NASA Optical Communications and Sensor Demonstration Program: Mission Overview

Siegfried Janson, The Aerospace Corporation
Richard Welle, The Aerospace Corporation
Darren Rowen, The Aerospace Corporation
Brian Hardy, The Aerospace Corporation
Todd Rose, The Aerospace Corporation
Christopher Coffman, The Aerospace Corporation
David Hinkley, The Aerospace Corporation

9:45 AM