Effects of a High School-Based Peer-Delivered Corrective Mathematics Program

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Journal of Direct Instruction



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The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of a peer-delivered Corrective Mathematics program (CM; Engelmann & Carnine, 1982) in a secondary general education classroom with students with low mathematics performance. Ten learners and 9 peer tutors participated in the study. Peer tutors instructed individuals or pairs of learners in the CM program for 10 weeks. Pre- and posttest data were collected on the learners and peer tutors using the Woodcock–Johnson—Revised Tests of Achievement (WJ—R ACH) Calculation and Applied Problems subtests. Results showed that students who were instructed by their peers with the CM program exhibited improved performance on both subtests of the WJ—R ACH. Specifically, the learners’ average improvement on the Calculation and Applied Problems subtests of the WJ—R ACH were statistically significant. The performance of the peer tutors also improved on both subtests of the WJ—R ACH. The peer tutors’ average improvement on the WJ—R ACH Applied Problems subtest was also statistically significant. Results are discussed in terms of the implications for effective mathematics instruction and the need for future research.


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