An Analysis of the Effects of a Self-InstructionalTraining Program on the Acquisition and Generalization of Social Behaviors in a Work Setting

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Journal of the Association for Persons with Severe Handicaps



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This investigation examines the effects of a social skills training program using self-instructions in facilitating the acquisition and generalization of two social behaviors in a work setting. Specifically, this study examined the effects of the training package in increasing the percentages of initiations with a supervisor when employees ran out of work materials and/or needed assistance. The results indicated that the training effectively increased the percentages of occurrence in one or both of the target behaviors for all 5 participants. Furthermore, the training resulted in generalized responding across settings for all participants and maintained for up to 13 weeks. These results suggest the feasibility of a social skills training package using self-instructions to help persons with moderate and severe handicaps acquire, maintain, and generalize social behaviors in a work setting.

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