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Cache County Agricultural Advisory Board

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Urban encroachment on farmland has serious implications for the farm sector. As the county’s economic base and population has grown, important agricultural lands have been converted to urban uses. Since 1986, Cache County has lost 8,884 acres of prime and statewide important farmland - nearly 14 square miles - to urban development. The current rate of development is consuming over 600 acres of prime and statewide important farmland each year. As we plan for the future and the most cost efficient means for housing this population growth, it is important to note two things: 1) Housing is most affordable in communities where infrastructure such as water, sewer, roads, and schools are already available and 2) agricultural lands actually subsidize residential development. Studies have shown that farmland in the valley only requires .57 in public services for each dollar paid in property taxes. Meanwhile residential land receives $1.27 in services for every dollar paid in taxes.