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Fall 11-2017

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Bluffdale, Utah


Brynn Jorgensen

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

Brynn Jorgensen is my sister. Brynn and her husband Jordan have been married for 8 years, they have 3 little girls together. All three of her girls are 3 years old and younger, she just had her youngest a month ago. She is 27 years-old and is a registered nurse and works in the NICU at a hospital in the Salk Lake Valley. She is a member of the LDS faith, she was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, moved around the west coast until moving to Draper, Utah when she was eight. She now lives in Bluffdale with her husband and kids. She likes to take her girls out to activities, true crime podcasts, and taking naps.


This story is one of our family’s favorite stories to tell. We laugh every time we see Brynn’s passport picture or anytime anyone talks about passports, Brynn’s story always comes up. The story is only told when the passport picture is available to show, because without the picture, it isn’t really funny. I was in Logan in my apartment when I FaceTimed Brynn. Her and her husband Jordan were in the car driving in Bluffdale back to their home when I talked to them. I thought that I was going to just get Brynn’s version, but Jordan interjected his part of the story, which made the story better. We usually FaceTime at least once a day, sometimes multiple times a day so we were both very familiar with the technology. This story is only shared when the environment is good, people are in good moods and laughing. If Brynn and Jordan are together telling the story, there is a lot of overlapping when they are talking, both of them getting their side of the story in.


Brynn: So I had [long pause to think of words], we were engaged and then Jordan decided that he needed a day to decide if he wanted to marry me or not

Jordan: No, I needed a day to calm my nerves (Brynn: No) wrap my head around everything that’s gonna change (Brynn: So) and just get 100 percent committed (Brynn: 100 percent committed to wanting to marry me) Well yeah I just had to make sure (Brynn: to make sure he wanted to) I wasn’t being pressured by Brynn to get married

Brynn: Anyway, so we had my ring and it needed to be resized and so we were picking it up that day and this is what Jordan says to me, he says “I just need a day to figure out like what I’m doing and I’m just gonna pick up your ring” and I was like oh my gosh he’s taking my ring away. So I went home and I was really sad and I was talking to mom and I was telling her what was going on and she was like “You need to go and get your mind off of things and just don’t think about it so got to Costco and get your passport stuff taken care of” because we were leaving on a cruise in like, I don’t know, like a couple months. So I was okay, so I drove there and I was way sad because Jordan didn’t want to marry me anymore [Jordan shaking his head] and I couldn’t text him or talk to him because he didn’t want to talk to me, he just wanted to take my ring away [little giggle]. So then I went to Costco and I wondered the aisles crying and they were like, okay we’re ready to take your photo for your passport [all three of us stat laughing] and so I had to like wipe my eyes and they just took the picture for the passport [laughing] and they gave it to me and I was like “oh man” [all three of us laughing] and I had already paid for it so then I brought it home and I showed mom and I said I was crying and she could not stop laughing [laughing]. And then Jordan decided that he wanted to marry me so he had my friends take me to Jamba Juice and in front of all the glass windows, I was so pissed, through all the glass windows, he got down on one knee again and he had my ring and he was like “will you marry me?” and I was so mad at him that I just stood there with my arms folded [folded her arms] the whole time and I just stared at him and he was like “so….” and I just nodded my head like this [nodded a small nod] and then [laughing] I got up and gave him a side hug [wrapped her one arm around Jordan, laughing]. To this day I still wonder what all the people in Jamba Juice thought

Jordan: Her friends were all like yay and jumping up and down, taking pictures and it was super awkward. Probably the most awkward thing to happen. [long pause], well will you?

Brynn: And now I have the passport for 10 whole years, doesn’t even expire until 2019.


When Brynn was telling me the story, her, Jordan and I were all laughing because we know the story so well and it is still funny. The story was presented in a light hearted argumentative way, Brynn and Jordan talking over each other to try to get their half of the story told, each talking a little louder than the other to be heard. Brynn talked with her hands a couple of times, turning the phone to Jordan when he was talking, shaking her head and laughing. Brynn and Jordan both find the story funny, especially because they have built this great life together, laughing about the beginning. Brynn was really comfortable telling the story because she didn’t have anyone around that would look at her weird for raising her voice or telling her story. It is interesting because there were parts of the story that I don’t remember, that when I tell the story or someone else other than Brynn and Jordan tell, we leave out or forgot happened.


English 2210


Dr. Lynne McNeill

Semester and year

Fall 2017


G7: Courtship

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