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Fall 11-2017

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Ivins, Utah


Whitney Guglietti

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

Whitney is 26-years-old and my sister-in-law. She grew up in Ogden, Utah where she met she husband. She is a stay at home mom and has 2 kids and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Her, her husband and children moved from Ogden and lived in Guam for about a year because her husband got a job there. When they moved back, they moved to Ivins, Utah. Whitney plays tennis, likes to mountain bike, and just play games outside with her kids. She went to Ogden High School and said that there were a lot of “haunted” places around Ogden that her and her friends would always go and explore on the weekends.


My husband and I went down to Ivins to visit for Thanksgiving and I meant to ask Whitney about her legend tripping in person, but things got too busy and it didn’t happen so I just decided to FaceTime her. She was at her parent’s house in Ivins, Utah when I talked to her and I was here in Logan. She lives at her parent’s house for now, her kids were both asleep and her husband was sitting on the other couch listening to our conversation. She is my husband, Brandon’s, sister and he went on the same legend trips as she did, so he persuaded her into telling the story she did, because he says it is the best one. This folklore is usually shared when someone wants to go on this legend trip. When someone that hasn’t been before mentions Flo, everyone tells their story about what happened to them while visiting Flo. She said that almost everyone she knew that grew up in Ogden went on all of the major legend trips, Flo which she tells me about, a place called Amy’s cage and haunted Union Station and if they didn’t go, they knew the story behind it. She said Flo was so popular that there were always police at the cemetery because kids would just go in there all the time and trespass.


Whitney: So when I was a teenager I went to a cemetery where there was a girl there that had been buried because she died [starts laughing] I’m not good when I’m put on the spot.

Brandon: Wait? She was buried in a cemetery because she died?! [said sarcastically]

Whitney: [Still laughing] Okay

Brandon: Well Whit tell the whole story, like how she got like in a car accident

Whitney: Brandon I’m telling the story. So Flo was waiting for someone to come pick her up and the person who was going to come pick her up was going to flash their lights and let her know, and so she went out because she thought she saw someone flashing their lights but she ended up accidentally getting hit by a car and died. I don’t know if that’s a true story but that’s what everyone said. So then the legend was that if you went to um [small pause thinking of words] went to the graveyard, you would flash your lights on the street where Flo’s grave was at and you would see her walk across the road. So my friends and I decided to walk into the graveyard, which was really scary because the Ogden cemetery is really freaky, it’s like really old. And so wear walking in and there was this abnormally tall [small pause] figure walking towards us with really long arms that almost touched the ground and we saw it and it literally started circling us so we were just screaming huddled in this circle [putting her hand on her chest]. It was the scariest moment of my life [short laughter] it looked like the creepiest thing, it was probably someone dressed up weird but [shakes her head]. We make our way over to Flo and we went and we didn’t have our lights to flash but we saw he cross the street, which was probably just the reflection of lights on the road but every time we went, we would see something cross the road [motions hand across to screen to represent crossing] and we always screamed and would always drive away really fast and I got pulled over by the cops a couple times and a third time the cop ticketed me and made me go to court, so that was it. But we kept going back to see Flo because that was the most exciting paranormal activity in Ogden because every time you would go you would always see something go across the road.


When I put the phone up to record the interview she seemed a little uncomfortable that I was recording her. After I assured her I was only recording her so I could remember everything about the interview, assess the surroundings and get what she said word for word, she seemed a little more comfortable. Whitney was laughing because my husband was making fun of the way she was telling the story and because her husband also grew up in Ogden and made some quiet comments to her while she was telling me about her experience. When she was done telling me about her experience, she said that she wasn’t sure what they saw but maybe it was the reflection of light or something. She seemed a little less convinced than she was when she was in high school. Her eyes got big in some parts of the story and when she could see my reaction she would nod her head, like agreeing that she thought it was scary too. She was laughing at the beginning of the interview but if she was telling someone that was going to see Flo at the cemetery, she wouldn’t have been laughing and been more serious.


English 2210


Dr. Lynne McNeill

Semester and year

Fall 2017


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